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quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

It’s all about the Sitcoms

Smallville: great, always surprising, can’t wait for season 10 to start in September. Who doesn’t secretly want to be a superhero? Or who wouldn’t want to know a superhero, especially one that looks like Tom Welling (OMG)?

Heroes: great, ending not as expected, but again who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Peter was my favourite hero, so cute. Think season 5 is not happening :(.

Sopranos: great, good to see how they mix the Mafia, Italian and American way. No superheroes in this but great to watch. I personally like when they mix some Italian words with English, it’s funny. The boat name, the best, Stugats, I mean who came up with that? Hilarious.

Two and a Half Men: also great, funny, very very funny. Who doesn't need comedy in their lives?

Will & Grace: hilarious, always liked it, gay or straight? All great to watch. Again, who doesn't need comedy in their lives?

Sex and the City: It is all about NY for me. Ok, the girls love the clothes and the shoes, the romance and the drama. I love where it all happens.

Friends: amazing, had to put them in. I know I watched the whole 10 series like a million times, I just never get tired of it. Laugh every time and I know the lines by heart. Love it, my favourite of all time, funny and great every time. I wish they would do a movie or something. This one I followed every week when it was still showing, sad to see it end :(.
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