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quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Movies I have seen lately

Dear John: loved this one, ok, I cried on this one, a lot. So sad, so unfortunate but love can be so pure and amazing. It is a shame that sometimes life gets in the way.

The Wolfman: strange, again the whole concept of a man becoming a wolf when there is full moon, a lot of blood, but shows how a mad wolf can be a good man at heart.

The Lightening Thief: the whole Greek Mythology thing always did interest me, and seeing how movie makers bring stories to life is always nice. You know, like when we read a book and then see the movie to try and put images to our thoughts, sometimes exactly as we imagined, sometimes not, but I like that. Anyway, the story is nice, a boy who discovers he is son of a Greek God, kids will love this one.

Shutter Island: strange, very strange, I thought it would be a great one but it was not as good as I expected. I guess it plays with your mind the same way it does with the characters’. Can we all be crazy and not know?

My Sister’s Keeper: sad, sad, but really good. Did not really see Cameron Diaz as a mom much, I think the role was too dramatic compared to the usual movies she does, ok, maybe that is just me stereotyping. Anyhow, the story is about family and the love that keeps a family together even at worst times. I did cry on this one.

Australia: loved it, great story, great cast, great scenery. Love, loyalty and pride really are important.

Eclipse: love this saga, all of it, it is very childish for most but c’mon, Vampires, Wolves, good looking people and Robert Pattinson, yep, OMG. Would move to forks any day. Or should I just go look around for him in London? He does live here :). Dream on.

The Invention of Lying: ok, made me wonder if lying really does bring happiness in the end, is there a point to lying to make others happy? Probably not.

Management: cute love story, it goes a bit wrong for a while but I guess that is more in tune with real romance than the other movies we usually see. There is some funny in it too.

Up in the Air: like it, George Clooney does have something about him. Nice story, does make you think about the whole routine business of life. What is the point?

Legion: Not so great, some good scenes with all the angels and demons but would not watch it again.

Nine: Musical, great cast, but one of the only movies I could not sit till the end, did not work for me.

Remember me: sad story, liked it. Robert Pattinson, again so cute. Important message, whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

The Bounty Hunter: with Jennifer Aniston, love her. Story is funny and cute at the same time. Divorced couple who get into trouble together as a way to test their love for each other.

The Proposal: very funny, very cute love story. Liked it a lot.

Hachicko: cute, based on a true story. The real meaning of Loyalty, and the dog is sooo cute.

Transformers, the revenge of the fallen: ok, I do have something for comic books and cartoon movies, love them. Watched this with my godson, he loves it, me too. Who didn’t have one of those toys when they were kids? I was not an all Barbie girl I guess :).

Sherlock Holmes: loved it, there will probably be a second one. Fantasy and in London, my kinda play :).

Star Trek: fiction, liked it, reminds me of my old days when I lived in Spain on my own and watched the series every night.

Clash of the Titans: again with the mythology, loved this one, great action, and story. It’s all about the fantasy and fiction.

Cop Out: funny, very Bruce Willis kinda movie but with comedy too, like it.

Sex and the City 2: saw it with the girls, fun, love the clothes and the UAE! Abu Dhabi is the new Dubai. :) Which girl does not want a Big in their life, with that end scene, wow, touching.

The Blind Side: great movie, based on a true story. It is great how there are good people in this world. :) Sandra did deserve the Oscar, loved how she worked the accent. Cried on this one too.

That’s it, I think I am missing one but can’t remember now… So, which ones will I add to my collection? Pin It


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