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terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

Leukerbad - Switzerland


Fui p Milao e achei q iamos passar o fds lah, maaaaas fomos parar na Suica. Otimo!
Tava frio, mas tava bom, relaxamos mas ficamos gripados e com febre, coisas de viagem, kkk

Fomos aki:

Largest Spa and Wellness Center in Switzerland: For 365 days a year - in spring, summer, autumn and winter - the main activity and indeed the main attraction of visitors to Leukerbad is to go swimming in the local thermal waters. After all, how can you resist indulging in a spot of refreshing relaxation against the incredible backdrop of an amazing mountain world?

(de baixo d'agua, q horror)
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  1. dia de total relax e diversao, massagem, piscina quente, video sonora, fotos, familia unida e amigos, tudo de bom!!!