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sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Change the Favicon on your Blog

What is favicon?
A favicon (short for 'favorites icon'), are litle icons associated with a particular website or webpage, shown next to the site's name in the URL bar of most browsers.

Step 1 : Make your favicon


The whole process involve 3 simple steps:

Select the Image by uploading or entering URL of image.
Cut and resize image as per requirement and preview it.
Finally save the icon on your computer for further use.

You can save the icon in ico or jpg format.

Step 2: Get URL link for your favicon


Now you need to install your favicon onto the Internet before you can use it. You can use one of the free image hosting providers or Google Sites (link above, this is the one I used).

Go to link and follow the steps:

Click on 'create new site', choose a template, choose a name, create site.
This will take you to your new site, once there click on 'edit this page' and then on the menu bar that will appear on top left side click on 'insert image'.
Insert here the favicon (.ico) you created earlier on step 1, press OK.
This will save the image online so you can extract a URL for further use. Your URL should look like this:


In my case I created a google site name 'amomuitotudoissoblog' and the favicon image I created and saved was 'favicon.ico'. My URL looks like this:


Step 3: Installing your Favicon

Now go to your blogger page and log in.
Go to Design tag, choose layout, click on 'edit HTML'.
Remember to save a backup of your current page to your computer before proceeding, just in case.
Press ctrl+f to find on the page the word: HEAD. (It should be right in the beginning.)
Then copy the codes below with your URL and add them right after the word HEAD.

Then click on 'save template' button.
Open your blog and your new favicon should be visible in the address bar! :)

My codes looked like this:

Amo Muito Tudo Isso Favicon change:
If you have any queries just drop me a line and I will try to help.
:) Liv Pin It


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