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quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

Renovando camisetas

Gente achei um site super legal com muitas idéias para renovar e inventar roupas. Chama do lixo para a moda. Olha só uma das idéias abaix. Top! :) Liv

Supplies: old grey t-shirt scraps
I love a simple top with a twist. The strips were a bit time consuming because I sewed them together to create a more tailored look. I kept the front plain, but you can flip it to be worn either way...

 Make strips using similar jersey. I wanted a more tailored look so I cut the strips wide enough, folded them in half (right sides together) and flipped them with a loop turner (you can get this at any fabric/craft store). This is more difficult, but looks nicer. You can just cut strips without sewing them.

For an easier DIY you can cut the strips right from the back of the shirt. Start horizontally leaving the collar and bottom hem attached. Then weave the extra strips laterally, pinning as you go on the side seam.

Weaved them in and out and sew!

Once I got to the length I wanted, I made a larger strip to go all the way around.

front and back view
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